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  • Tessa Andrews

    Tessa Andrews

    Just an amateur writer trying to make the most of my short time on earth.

  • Rajat Marathe

    Rajat Marathe

    Games | Movies | History (Real/Alternate) | Maps

  • Jana ✨

    Jana ✨


  • Zachary Stroven

    Zachary Stroven

  • Md.Neamul Hasan Mafi

    Md.Neamul Hasan Mafi

    In general, I like to write stories.In my diary I have written some stories and poems but not professionally.

  • Deepak Sethi

    Deepak Sethi

    I am an indie author having two novels on Amazon.1) Love you forever and ever.2)It takes two hands to clap.I am on medium now and writing short stories/articles

  • Shawn Berman

    Shawn Berman

    I run The Daily Drunk. Some of my work has appeared in Hobart, Maudlin House, and Little Old Lady Comedy. You can follow me on Twitter @Sbb_writer.

  • Angela Volkov

    Angela Volkov

    Glutting myself on all that life has to offer and writing about it. Art, language, science, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy…

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